Self-Aware Leader

Are you optimizing your leadership potential?

The Self-Aware Leader combines the power of 360° Feedback with information and concepts provided by The Predictive Index® to help leaders to maximize self-awareness and accelerate their professional development. This one-day workshop will provide leaders with data that helps them to see their leadership style through the lens of others, while providing clarity about leadership strengths and gaps. Leaders leave with a more focused approach to self-development and more confidence in their ability to accelerate their professional growth.

Participants will leave with the following:

  • An in-depth view of how they are perceived by others they work with
  • A new understanding of their natural drives/behaviors, and how those influence their 360 feedback
  • A lens into their emotional intelligence (EQ) and how they manage their drives and behaviors
  • A focused approach to their most critical development needs
  • A strategy, plan, and roadmap forward

What makes this program different? 

When combined with 360° feedback results, the behavioral and EQ assessments are powerful and create the kind of context that leaders appreciate. Our facilitators are leaders and experts in bringing these three datapoints to life, gaining and acceptance from participants. With acceptance the motivation to move forward is greatly accelerated, and the development plans more targeted.

The peer-to-peer element of the workshop adds a practical and powerful component where leaders share their focus areas and development strategies. These leader-to-leader discussions can be the most impactful part of the workshop. For those leaders needing additional support, LeadShift offers tailored coaching solutions.

Who should attend?

Leaders committed to their professional growth, who are willing to embrace feedback from their colleagues as a mechanism for ongoing development.

What is the format?

This program is offered both in person (6 hours) and virtually (two 3-hour sessions).

LeadShift provides all materials, including a customized toolkit, participants’ Predictive Index results, and a leadership development plan.