Self-Aware Leader



About the Workshop

The Self-Aware Leader two-day workshop combines the power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with information and concepts provided by The Predictive Index® to help leaders to maximize self-awareness and accelerate their professional development.

This workshop will provide leaders with data that helps them to see their leadership style through the lens of EQ and Behavioral Drives, while providing clarity about the leadership strengths and gaps identified in their 360°Feedback. Leaders leave with a more focused approach to self-development and more confidence in their ability to accelerate professional growth

Targeted Areas of Growth – What Participants Will Learn:

  • A leadership benchmark serving as a reference point for leaders to target and measure growth.
  • Specific and targeted growth goals that align with core leadership competencies.
  • New strategies and skills to effectively manage natural behaviors and foster the growth of emotional Intelligence.
  • Support and reinforcement provided by a professional coach and peer group.

What Makes This Program Different?

The utilization of powerful data from the 360 process, along with behavioral and EQ assessments, creates a context highly valued by leaders, while our facilitators, as leaders and experts, excel in bringing these three datapoints to life, gaining acceptance from participants, and fostering accelerated motivation for progress.

Participants Will Receive:

Leadership Benchmarking

The 360, Emotional Intelligence, and Behavioral Assessments are used to assess an individual’s capabilities and performance, serving as a reference point for targeting and measuring growth.

Feedback Sessions

Engage in a feedback session to discuss the results of the assessments

Two 4-Hour Workshops

Informational and engaging workshops that provides a focused approach to enhance core leadership skills and develop a personalized strategy and roadmap for professional growth.

Peer-to-Peer Sharing

Adds a practical and powerful component where leaders share their focus areas and development strategies.

One-on-One Coaching

Helping leaders to more successfully integrate growth strategies into their day-to-day leadership practices.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders committed to their professional growth, who are willing to embrace feedback from their colleagues as a mechanism for ongoing development.

Next Steps:

For more information and to reserve your spot, please reach out to your consultant directly.