How We Help

It is our core business objective to make it easier for leaders to build the organizations they envision. We believe that through a clearer understanding of people, how they fit into various roles and how to leverage their talents, leaders can achieve success while creating a culture that leads to higher levels of engagement and performance.  

Hire smarter

Get the right people in the right roles to ensure they are aligned on multiple levels: job, manager, team, and culture.

Develop Enlightened Leaders

Build a bench of self-aware leaders who drive stronger engagement and performance.

Build Resilient Teams

Create cohesive, resilient teams by injecting professional empathy and strategies to overcome challenging situations.

Encourage Growth at Every Level

Our robust selection of programming ensures that everyone in your organization, from individual contributor to the C Suite, has an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Solutions

Hire Smarter

91% of our clients say they have more confidence in their hiring decisions using our tools and process.

Develop Enlightened Leaders

85% of CEOs feel that working with LeadShift has helped them to build stronger leaders.

Build Resilient Teams

85% of teams who have gone through our workshops feel that they communicate better and have improved team cohesion.

Improve Sales Performance

80% of clients who have gone through our sales training programs feel they’ve improved their team’s sales skills.

I effusively believe in The Predictive Index. I’ve seen the impact not only that the tool has had, but that LeadShift’s interpretation of the tool has had for my team.

Ted Adler President, Union Street Media