Reference Profile Guide

Reference Profile Guide

Reference Profiles are the best shortcut for understanding the behaviors and needs that drive yourself and your people. The 17 Reference Profiles looks at an individual’s needs, behaviors, signature work styles, common traps, and how to work well with each profile.

PI Software Navigation

Navigating the PI software doesn't have to be hard! Our Software Navigation document will provide software insights where you'll find how-to videos and support articles to guide you through the PI software.

Client Rollout Content

Successful adoption of PI at your organization starts with you! Unleash the power of your people by understanding what truly drives them. The Client Rollout document will assist with the implementation of The Predictive Index in your organization.

Client LMS Content

The LeadShift team has pulled messaging, content, video links, and learning opportunities for you to share with your entire organization, not just managers. We want everyone on your team to feel good about the insight Predictive Index provides.

Executive Coaching

Coaches unlock the potential of leaders to enable them to maximize their performance within their organization. Working on their goals and challenges, the client and coach focus on strengths and areas of development. Together they create a trusted partnership to gain greater self-awareness, tap into new potential, broaden leadership skills and change behaviors. Through a personalized approach, executives are able to raise the awareness and consciousness of their leadership to enhance the performance of themselves and their teams or organization.

The Predictive Index™

The Predictive Index is a Talent Optimization Framework that helps you decode the human element of your organization, allowing you to hire the best talent, engage in better coaching conversations, and cultivate highly functioning teams.

People-Smart Leader

This program helps your leaders develop a stronger sense of self-awareness (what is their natural leadership style?) and a stronger sense of how to lead their people (what comes naturally to my team and where do they need to stretch?). Participants will leave more equipped to lead your organization into the future.

THRIVE: Hiring Made Awesome

THRIVE™ was built for leaders who want to improve the way they assess candidates and make critical hiring decisions. Leveraging years of practical experience, this workshop has been developed by leaders for leaders and uses a proven methodology and roadmap, while delivering the tools and skills necessary to execute.

Self-Aware Leader

The Self-Aware Leader combines the power of 360 Feedback with information and concepts provided by The Predictive Index® to help leaders maximize self-awareness and accelerate their professional development. This one-day workshop will provide leaders with data that helps them see their leadership style through the lens of others, while providing clarity about leadership strengths and gaps. Leaders leave with a more focused approach to self-development and more confidence in their ability to excel as leaders.

Resilience & Change

Build a resilient team by learning how perceptions and automatic thinking can affect behavior, how people respond to change, and how to help them navigate through it. Key Competencies: change leadership, resilience, self-awareness, leadership, emotional intelligence