The Anatomy of Change



About the Workshop

The Anatomy of Change provides leaders with the concepts and tools to more effectively lead change. Utilizing LeadShift’s change model, combined with individual and group behavioral data, leaders are able to better understand the four phases of change, and how to lead individuals and teams through each of these critical phases. Leaders participating in the six-hour workshop will gain keen insights into their own approach to change as well as how each member of their team will respond.

Targeted Areas of Growth – What Participants Will Learn:

  • A proven framework for leading teams through the four phases of change.
  • A better understanding of one’s leadership style as it relates to leading change, and how different people on the team will approach change.
  • The confidence and skills to influence others during key phases of change.
  • Strategies to avoid the pitfalls that lead to abandoning change Initiatives.
  • Continued coaching and peer support to help drive change within their organizations

What Makes This Program Different?

Our proven change model combined with insights provided by our behavioral data gives leaders new insights that help to add clarity to the process of leading change. But concepts are not enough. In this program, leaders will have opportunities to align these concepts with current leadership initiatives that bring the concepts to life. The addition of post-workshop peer group meetings then adds an additional layer of support and creates strong accountability for executing on the principals learned

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for leaders at all levels (Executive, VP, Director, Manager & Supervisor) who want their people to have a greater purpose and generate higher levels of engagement and output.

Next Steps:

For more information and to reserve your spot, please reach out to your consultant directly.