Resilience & Change

Change within an organization can be met with various reactions, ranging from excitement and engagement to denial and resistance.  Resilience & Change provides participants with several psychological and organizational models to explain how they and others might respond to change, and what they can do to ensure they are adapting during these stressful times.  Participants will apply their learnings with case study assignments, and design real-time change management plans to help them and their teams to lead and thrive during real-work transitions. 

Participants will learn

  • Models and approaches to lead yourself and others through change
  • How people respond to change
  • Tools to successfully lead others through change
  • Tools to increase your resilience and ability to lead during challenging situations

What makes this program different? 

Learn more about your own tolerance to change and resiliency and how that is reflected back to your team.  Develop skills that help you and your team bounce back from difficult situations, by building your “resiliency threshold.”

Who should attend?

This program is designed for all employees, regardless of role, background, or level. 

What is the format?

The LeadShift Change & Resilience program is delivered in two modules.  The first is designed to help leaders understand the value of influencing through personal power (relationships, respect, expertise) vs. position power (hierarchy, the ability to discipline).  The second module asks leaders to work through challenging case studies with thier peers and navigate the best possible leadership outcomes. This program can be delivered as a customized 4-hour live session, or virtually over the course of two 2-hour sessions. 

LeadShift provides all materials, including a customized workbook and toolkit, and a 30-day post-session follow-up with the LeadShift consultant.