Power and Influence

“Leadership” might be part of someone’s position or title, but the most effective leaders rely on influence skills as the means to achieve organizational objectives.  This program helps managers and leaders at all levels understand the main sources of power within organizations, which of the 11 influence tactics lead to business success, and which tactics can result in diminished trust and effectiveness over time.  This research-informed session is focused on how to expand one’s influence and success when leading your team, and when working across functions or departments.

Participants will be armed with models and approaches to:

  • Align, engage, and inspire others to accomplish shared objectives
  • Lead others when you do not possess authority
  • Avoid behaviors that can diminish your working relationship over time
  • Learn ready-to-implement skills and tactics

What makes this program different? 

Most leadership development programs teach skills geared toward managing direct reports. The LeadShift Power & Influence program provides leaders at every level with the tools and insights to influence key stakeholders (up, down, laterally) regardless of their place on the org chart. This highly interactive in-person or virtual module utilizes case studies and creates space for participants to create influence plans to lead, engage and drive results during real-work scenarios.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for leaders at all levels (Executive, VP, Director, Manager & Supervisor).

What is the format?

The LeadShift Power & Influence program is delivered in two 2-hour modules.  The first is designed to help leaders understand the value of influencing through personal power (relationships, respect, expertise) vs. position power (hierarchy, the ability to discipline).  The second module asks leaders to work through challenging case studies with their peers and navigate the best possible leadership outcomes.

LeadShift provides all materials, including a customized toolkit.