Performance Under Pressure

Is your team firing on all cylinders? Are colleagues working cohesively and productively together? Are you maximizing team performance?

Performance Under Pressure is a program designed to improve team cohesion and performance.  Utilizing concepts and data from The Predictive Index®, a LeadShift Senior Consultant works with your team to identify the core drives, needs and behaviors of each team member, answering the question “why do people work the way they do?” Equipped with these critical insights, team members find better ways to communicate and work more productively together. This process leads to higher levels of understanding, appreciation, trust, and ultimately stronger team performance.

Participants will learn how their own behaviors contribute to team success while learning the “why” behind each colleague’s behaviors. They will gain clarity around the needs that drive those behaviors and develop a stronger appreciation for different workstyles. Because we look at this in a business context, our focus is on:

  • Communication and collaboration
  • Risk and decision making
  • Response to pressure and drive to action

What makes this program different? 

We will create accountability and results. Learning these concepts is not enough – team members need to put learnings into action, making adjustments that lead to more successful outcomes. During the workshop, each person creates a simple action plan, focusing on things they can start or stop doing when engaging with colleagues. LeadShift facilitates a follow-up meeting where each participant shares their experiences, putting the PI concepts into action to develop further accountability.

Who should attend? 

Any team looking to optimize performance.

What is the format?

A three to four hour working session, facilitated by one of LeadShift’s Senior Consultants. Prior to the workshop, each person will be required to complete a Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment.

LeadShift provides all materials, including PI individual and team data, workshop facilitation, and a post-session follow-up.