Performance Under Pressure


About the Workshop

Performance Under Pressure is a program designed to improve team cohesion and performance. Utilizing concepts and data from The Predictive Index®, a LeadShift Senior Consultant works with your team to identify the core drives, needs, and behaviors of each team member, answering the question “why do people work the way they do?” Equipped with these critical insights, team members find better ways to communicate and work more productively together. This process leads to higher levels of understanding, appreciation, trust, and ultimately stronger team performance.

Targeted Areas of Growth – What Participants Will Learn:

  • Participants learn how their own behaviors impact team success and understand the underlying reasons behind their colleagues’ behaviors.
  • Gain clarity regarding the needs that drive these behaviors and develop a greater appreciation for different workstyles.
  • Communication and collaboration strategies to enhance teamwork and synergy.
  • Risk assessment and decision-making approaches to make informed choices. Managing response to pressure effectively and driving action in a purposeful manner

What Makes This Program Different?

This program stands out by prioritizing accountability and delivering tangible results. It goes beyond learning concepts by emphasizing their practical application and necessary adjustments for success. During the workshop, participants create action plans to implement specific behaviors when interacting with colleagues. These plans serve as roadmaps for positive change. To maintain accountability, follow-up meetings provide a platform for participants to share their experiences, reinforcing their commitment and fostering a culture of accountability. By combining learning, action planning, and follow-up discussions, this program enables participants to translate knowledge into action, achieving meaning

What’s the Format?

Behavioral Assessment

Completion of the PI Behavioral Assessment.

4-Hour Hands-On Workshop

Workshop that provides practical tools & strategies that can be applied right away.

Follow-Up Meeting

Follow-up meeting with each participant.

Who Should Attend?

Teams looking to optimize performance.

Next Steps:

For more information and to reserve your spot, please reach out to your consultant directly.