People-Smart Leader

Effective management across functions is more important than ever. Reserve your spot to unlock the full potential of your workforce, develop future leaders, and build high-performing teams.

The People-Smart Leader leverages data provided by The Predictive Index® to help leaders gain critical insights into their leadership style and the needs of each person on their team. By identifying the core drives, motivations and strengths of each person, leaders learn how to partner, coach and lead with more precision. 

Participants will learn what each person on their team needs to do their best work, as well as how and when to adjust their approach to drive better outcomes.  Equipped with these insights, they will develop simple but powerful strategies to better lead and engage their people, with a strong focus on:​

  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Collaboration
  • Decision making
  • Move to action

What makes this program different? 

We will create accountability and results. Learning these concepts is not enough – leaders need to put learnings into action, making adjustments that lead to more successful outcomes. During the workshop, each person creates a simple action plan, focusing on things they can start or stop doing when engaging with colleagues. LeadShift facilitates a follow-up meeting where each leader shares their experiences, putting the PI concepts into action to develop further accountability.

Who should attend?

Anyone managing or leading a team.

What is the format?

This program can be facilitated as an in-person program (5 hours) or virtually (two 2.5-hour sessions), with pre-work and homework assignments to reinforce and enhance the learning experience.