LeadShift Sales Development


About the Workshop

The Customer Focused Selling Program is designed to elevate the sales capabilities of professionals at all levels, enabling them to deliver an exceptional buying experience for their customers. The program starts with two assessments, the Predictive Index and Selling Skills Assessment Tool, to establish a baseline of each salesperson’s style and skill level. Throughout the program, we unpack your specific selling environment, including customer personas, key value drivers, and other factors, to create a highly tailored learning experience. 

Targeted Areas of Growth – What Participants Will Learn:

  • Understanding and leveraging your unique selling style and skill set.
  • Developing a deeper understanding of customer buying styles, criteria, and value drivers.
  • Establishing strong alignment and accountability with customers throughout the buying process.
  • Overcoming objections, protecting margins, and securing agreements more efficiently.

What Makes This Program Different?

  • Proprietary data-driven insights through the Predictive Index and SSAT assessments for individual development.
  • Facilitation by experienced sales professionals who bring expertise and industry knowledge.
  • Customization to fit your specific selling environment, ensuring relevance and applicability.
  • Emphasis on accountability, ensuring traction and tangible results.

Participants Will Receive:

Baseline Assessment

Initial baseline assessments for each salesperson (approximately 30 minutes per person).

10-Hours of Workshop Sessions

Flexible timeline with delivery options virtual or in=person formats.

Who Should Attend?

Teams looking to optimize performance

Next Steps:

For more information and to reserve your spot, please reach out to your consultant directly.