LeadShift Sales Development

Are your salespeople finding it more challenging to book meetings, have the right conversations with the right people, and close opportunities?  Are sales cycles getting longer and harder to predict? Are margins suffering?

Our program is designed to help today’s sales professionals harness their natural selling style, enhance their consultative selling skills and more quickly and effectively meet the needs of your customers. It is geared toward CEOs and sales leaders who believe that investing in sales skill development will pay dividends through improved sales performance. This program is powered by diagnostic tools from Predictive Index® and sales performance experts from LeadShift.

What will your salespeople take away from this program?

  • An in-depth understanding of their selling style and their skill level in executing a consultative sales process
  • A proven sales framework that helps salespeople to be more purposeful in executing each phase of a consultative sales process
  • The skills that are critical to identify the buyer’s true motivations and deliver solutions that create value and differentiate your organization
  • The skills and confidence to overcome objections, close more deals and retain stronger margins

What makes this program different?

This program is designed with the unique needs of your customers at its core. Each sales professional is provided with data-driven insights (PI Behavioral Assessment & Selling Skills Assessment Tool). The learning modules are highly interactive and designed to give each participant a simple, repeatable set of sales tools to create an awesome buying experience for any customer.

Reinforcement is key, and LeadShift provides several opportunities to reinforce skills, including one-on-one follow up coaching and a Sales Skills Assessment retake to create accountability for skill improvement.

Who should participate?

This program is designed for sales leaders and professsionals at all levels (Executive, VP, Director, Manager & Sales Rep).

What is the format?

The LeadShift Sales Development program is designed to help sales leaders coach for better results, and for sales reps to create a better buying experience for customers. The first stage typically involves a program for sales leadership on how to better leverage behavioral and skill-based assessments for sales coaching and development. The second stage involves the sales team participating in a highly customized sales skill development workshop.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with your LeadShift consultant today to learn more and discuss how this program can be customized to meet your needs.