The Predictive Index™


PI is the leader in talent optimization that empowers entire organizations to align their people strategy with business strategy for optimal business results. It is a company that offers a complete talent optimization platform, not just an assessment.

Better predict on-the-job success with insights from The Predictive Index’s assessments.

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ is designed to be the most effective, simple, and easy-to-use science-based assessment that provides an accurate depiction, or pattern, of your core drives, and therefore insight into your needs and behaviors. Understand what drives workplace behaviors so that you can ensure alignment, drive your team’s success, and achieve your business objectives faster than you ever thought possible.

The Predictive Index Job Assessment™ allows clients to quantify the behavioral requirements of any specific job, at any level, within their organizations. Created through input from multiple stakeholders, the client-defined output provides a behavioral target for the role. Armed with this information, hiring managers are better equipped to evaluate the job fit of candidates.

The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment predicts natural learning ability and job performance. This timed assessment is a cognitive ability test for employment. This assessment measures a person’s general mental ability and capacity for critical thinking. In just 12 minutes you’ll have more information about someone’s likelihood of success and job performance than you would after a one-hour interview or standard aptitude test.


We’ve all experienced the thrill of being part of an amazing team, if only for a fleeting moment. Trust, collaboration, and that unstoppable feeling – it’s magic. So, how do you design a winning team? Is it more about raw talent or chemistry? How do you scale that design across the organization so productivity soars and your culture thrive?

For 25 years, LeadShift has been helping businesses determine if their leadership, teams, and culture are well suited and aligned to their business strategy. We then leverage the best talent optimization tools to help these organizations hire the right people, manage, and inspire them to achieve maximum business results as fast as possible.

Talent Optimization is a four-part discipline used to align business strategy with people strategy. The discipline consists of four aptitudes: design, hire, inspire, and diagnose.

PI Design is a powerful framework that empowers executives to gain business strategy alignment and build the teams to execute strategic goals. From software to executive sessions to expert consulting, Design provides the tools and knowledge needed to execute a winning strategy and achieve business results.

PI Hire is the solution to consistently hire the best fit with confidence. A hiring manager becomes 8X more likely to predict candidate success through behavioral and cognitive data, take control of their day with one-click interview guides, and get their entire team aligned on the ideal target for every role with proven science.

PI Inspire helps leaders foster winning teams. As a manager, responsibilities are endless, and yet they remain the linchpin for your team’s success. PI Inspire is the secret to building a high performing team that runs itself—so leaders have time to be strategic. Powered by deep behavioral insights, they’ll coach their direct reports to greatness, predict team dynamics, and solve people issues in a flash.

PI Diagnose is a framework for pinpointing the sources of disengagement and implementing action plans to solve the problems it causes. With the Employee Experience Survey, coaching, and consulting session, Diagnose provides the tools and knowledge needed to shift a company into high gear.