360 Feedback

360 Feedback

The foundation of the LeadShift Academy is providing our clients with real-time data on the competencies of their leaders.  The most critical ingredient in this process is to have each leader undergo a 360 degree assessment and feedback.  This gives the program sponsors immediate insights into how their leaders are perceived by key stakeholders, looking at both strengths and areas for improvement.  

We then combine this data with Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment results to help leaders understand what is driving the feedback, and how to think about making meaningful changes.  We believe this balanced approach gives leaders the proper context for evaluating their own leadership performance, with the goal of driving long-term results.

Who will benefit from 360 Feedback?

This program is designed for leaders at all levels (Executive, VP, Director, Manager & Supervisor)

What’s involved?

The LeadShift 360 Feedback process includes three key stages: Rater Selection & Communication, Assessments (PI Behavioral & 360), & Participant Feedback.

What makes this program different?

The insights from 360 Assessments must be framed in the right context: your natural style and the work you are doing. Our program combines 360 results with PI Behavioral Assessment results and thoughtful insights from the participant about the demands of their role. This context helps the leader better accept the results and make meaningful commitments to action.