Why LeadShift?

At LeadShift, we equip leaders with the tools, insights, and skills to build the organizations they envision. We help you hire smarter, develop enlightened leaders, and improve team performance. Build an awesome culture by partnering with LeadShift today!

A message from our founder The History of Leadshift

For the last forty years I’ve been part of building and leading some great organizations. During this time, it has become incredibly clear that the only real difference between great organizations and those less successful is leadership. So, what do the best leaders do better? It’s simple, they keep their people connected. Connected to your mission and vision, to the work they do every day, and to the people they work with and for. Connected people give you more, and it’s those connected people who help propel your organization forward and help you to build a winning culture.

Leadership is everything and great leaders can shift the fortunes of any organization! For these reasons, in our twenty-fifth year in business, we are changing our name to LeadShift.

At LeadShift we help leaders to build the organizations they envision. We partner with you to build a people strategy that aligns with your business goals and provide you with the tools, training, and support to drive your people strategy. In the end, we help organizations to drive better performance by making smarter hires, developing stronger leaders, and building more resilient teams. With a clear people strategy in place, our clients can move quicker, be more adaptable, and grow faster.

Today, we serve over 200 client companies and thousands of leaders. We have built our own team of experts who are ready to partner with you and your team to build and execute your people strategy. While we’ve added team members, new tools and more solutions, our focus has never changed.

​Enlightened Leaders, Resilient Teams, Better Performance.

Steve Cundall, CEO

Understanding Your Goals

We explore your business strategy, goals, and vision.  We partner with key stakeholders to understand how your strategy translates to people and culture. We dig in with you to identify challenges and areas of opportunity.

Building a Plan to Meet Your Needs

We know each client is different. You have different goals, challenges, and resources. Equipped with a keen understanding of your situation, we build a customized playbook for you and your team – one designed to achieve your desired results with our help and partnership.

Delivering Results

Our team stays with you to support the execution of your people strategy. We go at your pace and will adapt quickly based upon changes in your business or objectives. We understand that we succeed when you succeed, and your success is why we exist.

Ready to get started?

We help companies understand how to manage and coach employees to unlock their full potential. Connect with a LeadShift Consultant to learn how you can reach your business objectives through a deeper understanding of your people!