THRIVE: Hiring Made Awesome

THRIVE is built for leaders who want to improve how they assess candidates and make critical hiring decisions. Leveraging years of practical experience, this workshop has been developed by leaders for leaders to take participants through a proven methodology and roadmap, while delivering the tools and skills necessary to execute.

Participants will leave this program with:

·        A proven methodology that helps leaders/managers stay focused on the essential things when assessing candidates, as well as the importance of preparation.

·        A simple but powerful process that keeps your team aligned and on track as you bring candidates through your hiring pipeline.

·        Powerful tools that clarify candidate fits and gaps and help interviewers structure and ask the right questions the right way.  

·        The training necessary for leaders to develop the interviewing skills they need to be effective and make better candidate assessments.

What makes this program different? 

It’s not just the resume.  We teach participants how to connect and interview around fit—your values, culture, skills, experience, and behavior.  We also address the gaps and how you will action plan around those. 

Who should attend?

All employees are welcome, whether they’re new to interviewing, want a refresher, or want insight into a more robust process.

What is the format? 

This program is offered both in person (6 hours) and virtually (two 3-hour sessions).

LeadShift provides all materials, including a customized workbook and toolkit, interviewing tools and templates, and a 30-day post-session follow-up with the LeadShift consultant.