Improve Sales Performance

We give sales leaders the tools to identify the right salespeople for their specific sales model or process. We then give those salespeople the skills necessary to execute that process and drive results.

Building an Outstanding Sales Org is a Process

We’ve got you covered every step of the way.

There are three key ingredients to sales success: selling DNA, selling skills, and sales leadership.

At LeadShift, we help you better understand what comes naturally to your sales team, where they need to stretch, and how to insert yourself in the coaching process to move the needle for better results.


Our Sales Development curriculum is designed to fully support your sales organization on multiple levels. It’s powered by diagnostic tools from the Predictive Index and sales performance experts from LeadShift.


Our team recognizes that not all sales organizations are created equal, and success for one is not success for another.  Our experts at LeadShift will help you identify what is going to make your salespeople stand out and put them on track to exceed your goals.

Our Process

Better understand the DNA and skills of your sales team.
Using the PI Behavioral Assessment, we can help you quickly identify what comes naturally to your sales reps and where they need to stretch to execute your sales process. Using the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT), we can help you quickly identify which sales muscles your reps are flexing today, and which ones need more work.

Develop more enlightened sales leaders.
The People-Smart Sales Leader program will provide your team with the tools and insights to coach each sales rep to their natural style and close gaps using a variety of proven sales skills.

This program will also reinforce the “inspect what you expect” mindset by reminding leaders where to insert themselves in the coaching process

Drive stronger sales results.
LeadShift Sales Development (powered by Customer Focused Selling®) will give your entire sales organization a simple, repeatable process to create an unparalleled buying experience for your customers. The Accelerated Track of the LeadShift Sales Academy will keep LeadShift’s experts connected to your sales organization to measure success and reinforce sales skills.

Ready to get started?

Here at LeadShift, we dive in to understand your strategy, challenges and opportunities. We get to know your business and your people, and we design a plan focused on your objectives. Whether you’re looking to make more strategic hiring decisions or revise your approach to internal team management, we’ll work with you to create long-term solutions to your unique challenges.