Leading Team Performance



About the Workshop

The expertise of being a manager involves many skill sets, and oftentimes new leaders are unprepared for the role and its challenges. The natural progression in the business world is to master a craft, then manage a team. Yet, managing a team is its very own craft. Managers are left unprepared for all that it entails; having to motivate staff, deal with differences between employees, handling multiple personalities, goal setting, team building, and the list goes on.

Targeted Areas of Growth – What Participants Will Learn:

  • A simple framework for creating highimpact one-on-one meetings with their people.
  • Strategies to develop mutually agreed upon goals that align with key business outcomes.
  • Improved skills that focus on building trust, delegating responsibility, and holding people accountable for achieving results.
  • The confidence to motivate, recognize, and inspire through active and engaging leadership and when necessary, to have difficult conversations that lead to performance improvement.
  • Continued coaching and peer support as they Integrate learnings into their day-today leadership practices.

What Makes This Program Different?

This comprehensive, 8-week program includes a range of individual and group formats that provide leaders with personalized development plans and toolsets

Participants Will Receive:

Leadership Skills Assessment

A personal assessment to benchmark participant’s managerial skills and areas of opportunities.

6-Hour Hands-On Workshop

An informational and engaging workshop that provides practical tools & strategies leaders can apply right away.

One-on-One Coaching Meetings

Two tailored coaching sessions that build personalized skills and put new behaviors into practice.

Facilitated Peer Group Presentation

A built-in peer group that provides networking opportunities and the chance to learn from others.

Post-Program Assessment

A personal assessment of managerial skills to recognize the growth of the participant within the program.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders who are managing a team and who are looking for ways to improve team relations, employee performance and learn new and upcoming management techniques

Next Steps:

If you have inquiries or require further information about our leadership training and development programs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.