Develop Enlightened Leaders

Develop enlightened leaders who are self-aware, adaptable, interpersonally competent, and team-focused.

Enlightened Leaders Keep Their People Connected

Learn to manage your people the way they want to be managed and watch them thrive.

Our consultants help you develop a bench of stronger and more self-aware leaders by leveraging tools and training. Alongside Predictive Index, we offer our clients access to tools that measure emotional intelligence (EQ) and 360 Feedback.

We also offer our proven Leadership Coaching Process – an intensive assessment and one-on-one development experience that helps your leaders grow and drive change within your organization.


Since the beginning, we’ve been passionate about helping leaders cultivate better teams by understanding themselves and the people they are leading more effectively. Having a better lens into themselves and their people allows leaders to be more impactful on a person-to-person basis in how they manage, motivate, and develop their teams. Leaders who take advantage of our programming can extend the value of the tools we’ve provided from hiring to managing.


Our experts at LeadShift will work closely with your leaders throughout the development process.  Like anything worthwhile, this takes time, and our team of seasoned consultants are with you every step of the way. 

Our Process

360 Feedback

An organization's talent should be its strategic advantage. By taking the time to build a thoughtful, strategic leadership development program, you can develop the kind of leaders that advance your company's overall vision. Our process starts with identifying opportunities for development, which is accomplished by the 360 Feedback Assessment.

Self-Aware Leader

The Self-Aware Leader combines the power of 360 Feedback with information and concepts provided by The Predictive Index® to help leaders maximize self-awareness and accelerate their professional development. This one-day workshop will provide leaders with data that helps them see their leadership style through the lens of others, while providing clarity about leadership strengths and gaps. Leaders leave with a more focused approach to self-development and more confidence in their ability to excel as leaders.

Power and Influence

Expand your influence and success when leading your team, particularly when working across functions or departments, with the tips that you learn from this informative session. Key Competencies: collaboration, employee engagement, team alignment, cross-functional / department leadership, influence, leadership

The Anatomy of Change

Build a resilient team by learning how perceptions and automatic thinking can affect behavior, how people respond to change, and how to help them navigate through it. Key Competencies: change leadership, resilience, self-awareness, leadership, emotional intelligence

Executive Coaching

Coaches unlock the potential of leaders to enable them to maximize their performance within their organization. Working on their goals and challenges, the client and coach focus on strengths and areas of development. Together they create a trusted partnership to gain greater self-awareness, tap into new potential, broaden leadership skills and change behaviors. Through a personalized approach, executives are able to raise the awareness and consciousness of their leadership to enhance the performance of themselves and their teams or organization.

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